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What is a Multi-Channel Help Desk and why is it important?

multi channel help desk

Every business is different and therefore you need to choose software that is going to provide sufficient support. A multi-channel help desk can be a great tool for you to have. It will allow you to support all of your different channels at once and keep you organized and more productive.

Exploring more about what it is and how it can help will allow you to see how the software can be a great investment for your operations.

Multiple Channels

Multiple channels are supported in various ways. If you have multiple companies, you can then ensure that the help desk support team is managing everyone – and keeping it all in place. This way, you can save money by not having multiple software programs and multiple support teams going. It will be a labor saver and keep it simpler for all of your employees involved.

In today’s growing world, it’s not uncommon for a business to have multiple locations either. This should be available within your software so you can see which locations require the most support. Especially if one just opened and the majority of the tickets are from there, it can show you where you need to spend the most time and identify that there may be more training opportunities.

Further, you are likely on social media because you know of the importance for customer service and for brand engagement. These channels can be supported with your helpdesk, too. This ensures you have Facebook and Twitter integrated so you can learn more about what’s being said by your customers online.

The posts and tweets can be converted into tickets so that your help desk support team can address the various comments, engage customers, and ensure that customer service issues are being addressed in a prompt manner.

Without multi-channel support, it’s hard to really know what’s going on with your company. You could lose out on the opportunity to WOW your customers and improve brand engagement, which means you’re missing out on a great opportunity.


Those who work in front of the computer and in tech all day long are more prone to headaches than anyone else. You don’t want to be the cause of the migraines and therefore you need to consider offering some better solutions

Organization is critical and your staff may be going out of their mind right now because things are far from organized. The help desk could be receiving calls constantly and there’s no way to keep track of the tickets or make sense of priorities. This means that no matter how qualified your help desk team is, they are unable to meet the needs of everyone calling in.

It doesn’t take much to be organized, especially when you have more comprehensive help desk software in place. The organization will happen automatically, providing notifications, emails about the tickets, and more.


The productivity of your operations has to be a top consideration. If you want to improve the productivity of your employees, you need to have multi-channel support within your help desk. Otherwise, you could have trouble supporting customers who are in different time zones, inside of different locations, and more.

If you try to track everything on your own, something will get lost along the way. For example, if you’re based in the USA and you have an international customer in Australia who makes a comment about a product or service, their comment may be buried because you might not see it for 12 full hours. This doesn’t mean that their comment isn’t important – you didn’t see it, though. When your help desk has social media integration and supports the different channels, it ensures that a ticket is created. Your team can then provide the necessary support so that the customer gets the attention they deserve.

Tools to Look Forward To

When you begin the process of IT budgeting every year, you have to look at ways to invest in your business. Multi-channel help desk software will give you access to more tools so your team can have the support that they need.

Consider being able to:

  • Track tickets
  • Offer canned responses
  • Receive email notifications
  • Prioritize tickets
  • Integrate customer surveys
  • Integrate social channels
  • Integrate a knowledge-base

These tools can help to support your team in all sorts of different ways. They will make it easier for the help desk support team to work more efficiently, allow your employees to get the help that they need, and ensure you provide better customer service to the end-users.

Your business can run smoother when your help desk support team is running at full speed. More importantly, they need tools that will help them with all that they do. This means you have to take the time to compare the software options so you are able to get the multi-channel support you need.

When you can have tickets coming in from more of your locations, your social media channels, and more, it allows you to gain more insight into your operations and stay more organized. It will also help your support team to maintain their sanity throughout the work week so they can get more work done and help employees and customers alike.

Learn more about why you should have a multi-channel help desk in place by taking a tour of the software at Vision Helpdesk. You can then call to ask any questions about how it can make a difference in your operations.

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Megha JadhavWhat is a Multi-Channel Help Desk and why is it important?
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