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How To Compare Help Desk Software

compare help desk

Learning how to compare help desk software helps us make the right decisions when it is important.
You want to choose software that is cost-effective and allows you to have all of the features that will have a considerable impact on your operations. While there are multiple companies that offer help desk software, you need to ensure that you focus on more than just cost when you them.

Email Ticketing

Email ticketing makes it easier to learn about the incoming tickets. While you may have an online support desk or dashboard as well, the emails will make it easier for everyone to learn about when there are new tickets. Additionally, department heads and CIOs can be copied on the emails so that they are aware of issues that impact their areas.

Time Tracking

The overall efficiency of your business is based on how long it takes various tasks to be completed. If you find that tickets are remaining open for too long, it can indicate:

  • Not enough help support staff
  • Insufficient software
  • Lack of training for employees

Time tracking reports should be pulled all the time so that you can identify where there are problems. The time it takes to complete the various issues may change from week to week and therefore all progress should be logged.

Add Comments

Tech support should be able to communicate with each other on the various topics. There may be an issue that involves everyone. Further, one tech may have a valuable idea or solution that everyone can learn from.

The comments can be organized and linked to each ticket so that they are not lost. These comments can also lead to talking points during staff meetings.

Ticket Rating & Feedback

Having a feature that allows for ticket rating and feedback makes it easier to identify whether an employee was able to have their needs met and in sufficient time. Feedback can also help to provide more input for the IT help desk as well as to IT managers to ensure that there is enough support in place and that proper training is taking place in all areas.

When there are poor ratings, it can be flagged to show that there is a need to focus on this area. It may need to involve customer service training, the hiring of more support, or the implementation of various new software products.

It’s better to know, however, so you can take action as needed.

Multi-Channel Support

If you have multiple social media channels that need to be managed or even multiple companies, the software has to be able to support this. You can then spend less time managing the tickets and enjoy cost savings because of only needing one program – and one support team.

It will allow for better organization so that you can identify where the problems are coming from, what social media channel or company needs the most support, and what you can do in order to minimize future issues.

Escalation Rules

Being able to escalate different tickets is of the up-most importance. Some issues are going to be more important than others, and if you don’t learn how to prioritize, it can lead to various problems, including the inability for some employees to get their work done.

You should be able to set the rules for how a ticket escalates. For example, will someone in IT be able to escalate the ticket on their own? Will it escalate automatically after it has been open for a certain period of time? Once you ask some of these important questions, you can establish the best rules.

Knowledge-Base Management

Having a knowledge base integrated into the software can make it easier for your IT technicians to address questions and concerns that various employees may have. Every department may have different software and therefore different issues. The knowledgebase will ensure that similar solutions are being provided to every employee, regardless of which IT technician they may speak with.

It’s also possible to provide employees with access to the knowledge base so they can answer their own questions without having to open a support ticket.

Using Demos and Free Trials

Demos and free trials should be taken advantage of whenever possible. The benefit to this is that you will be able to see how the software works and get the opportunity to receive feedback from department heads, IT technicians, and more.

Any time you can sample the software prior to purchasing, it can be helpful. You can use the features, determine ease of use, and see how it can solve the problems you currently face. If no demo or trial is offered, it may be difficult to truly determine if the software will meet your needs now and in the future.

Comparing Costs

When it comes to the financial management of your company, cost comparison is critical. Take the time to learn about the cost of the software and how it is going to impact your business. While you are going to have to spend some money on the software, it needs to be sensible for the features that you will gain. It should also improve the productivity of your employees by helping them to stay organized, which will be a cost savings for you in the end, as well.

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