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Why Choose Online Help Desk Software for Your Company?


Online Help Desk Software: One of the biggest problems companies face revolves around the integration and maintenance of on-site software installations.

With such software, every update requires someone who is knowledgeable in IT to get them installed and running. When old-fashioned software has been customized, updates can wipe out the changes. This forces large investments of both time and money to get it working the way it used to.

With the advent of online and cloud-based software, many things changed. This software generally doesn’t support adding bits and pieces that were coded in-house. That makes it so that updates won’t undo your changes, but it also means that you have to be much more careful about which software you choose. Here are some things to look out for, and why it’s still a good idea to use online help desk software:

You Don’t Have to Patch Online Help Desk Software

Instead of applying patches yourself, or even running installation packs, the software company takes care of everything on their end. Since the software is hosted on the company’s servers, the updates automatically take effect with no input from you or your staff. This is a great time saver, and it results in better security as well.

Security is Better with Online Help Desk Software

Online software from reputable, stable companies like Vision Helpdesk is more secure because it doesn’t rely on the old update distribution and installation system. The old-fashioned way relies on all customers actually installing updates, and this is a big security risk. Many software users would never get around to this installation because they have other things to do – things they consider more pressing. This is why some viruses are able to spread to millions of computers.

Since online software providers have software as their only business, developing and applying updates is a normal part of their operations. This means that, at reputable companies, security updates do not get back-burned in favor of completely unrelated things.

Good Help Desk Software Already Does Everything You Need

This takes care of the biggest worry some companies have about SaaS (Software as a Service). These companies worry that without the ability to write add-ons, they’ll end up missing out. With good help desk offerings, such as those from Vision Helpdesk, this isn’t a problem. It already handles all of the key requirements for this type of program, thereby eliminating the need for outside add-ons.

  • The software handles queries from multiple channels, including email, phone, chat, Facebook, Twitter, and customer-facing help interfaces.
  • It already merges all of a customer’s contacts into a single file, even if the customer uses multiple channels to discuss a single issue.
  • It already allows you to communicate internally without making those communications public.
  • It already lets your staff attach notes to customer files.
  • It already allows full records to be kept
  • It’s already easy for staffers new to a customer’s case to access the relevant file and get up to speed
  • More

As you can see, the right software doesn’t need a bunch of expansions to take care of your requirements. It will have all of the needed functionality on deck, so you can just activate it and start using it for all of your support-related tasks right away!

Online Helpdesk Software Frees You and Your Staff from Their Desks

Many companies have moved beyond the old paradigm of having everyone work in the same building, at the same desk, all day long. Remote working is popular, and even businesses that still require some in-office hours are likely to allow employees to work from other locations at least some of the time. There are also times when it makes sense to offer support even when the building is closed. Customers who buy your best SLA (service level agreement) will want 24/7 service, and it doesn’t make sense to keep an entire building open just in case one of them calls in.

Remote access to online help desk software is only possible when it is web based. With online helpdesk software, your designated support providers can log in and get to work no matter where they are or what time it is. This makes it easy to provide top-tier SLAs without the overhead associated with keeping a big building open all night. It also lets you keep up with evolving employee retention practices.

The Best Online Help Desk Offerings Allow You to Automate Repetitive Tasks

If your company has set procedures for events like ticket escalation, transfers between departments, and follow-up messaging, you need to be able to automate them. Automation keeps things from getting forgotten about or lost in the shuffle. It also frees your staff from having to spend time on these repetitive tasks.

With Vision Helpdesk, all of the tools you need to automate these things are already there. It takes just a few moments to set up a macro, and then, only one click to set it going. Then, it will handle all of the relevant tasks for you. You only have to set up the macro once, so it will keep working as planned until you deliberately change it.

Good Software Doesn’t Take Long to Learn

Vision Helpdesk knows that you don’t want to have to spend hours on end training your staff on how to use it. Training time is better spent on teaching support workers about your product and how to provide the needed service. Therefore, we have made the interface as intuitive as possible. This also makes it much easier for remote workers to use since they can figure it out without having to call in to your IT department for tips.

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