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Why Your Company Should Use a Satellite or Multi Company Help Desk

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A healthy, growing company is something every business owner works hard to achieve. Creating new product lines, opening multiple physical retail stores and developing new brands are just some of the strategies entrepreneurs use to increase their company’s revenue and grow.

However, many business owners have a difficult time organizing and keeping track of customer service requests if they own multiple brands or online stores. Separate help desks for each business can cause confusion and headaches, especially if your customer service agents have to learn how to operate different software systems to manage different ticket requests. Luckily our satellite or multi company help desk can help!


A satellite or multi company help desk is a software developed for businesses with a wide portfolio of products, companies and brands. So when a customer asks a question about a product for sale on one of your websites and another user wants to know about a new product that belongs to another brand you own, all of this information would be compiled and displayed in your satellite help desk in one convenient location.


There are many benefits business owners can receive from using a satellite help desk to streamline their customer service departments. One benefit is that customer service agents only have to log into one staff portal to help customers and resolve support tickets. Also, each company can have its own separate customer portal with its own distinct branding that reflects each company’s identity. This means that whenever your customers contact one of your companies it will look like they never left the website they were on because the satellite help desk’s portal will have the same logo and design. Each individual business also has the opportunity to provide response tickets to their customers included with every email that is sent out from the company.

Another perk of using this type of software is that each business entity will be able to use the complete database level, although each company’s data is separate from each other. You can also choose to give certain employees access to particular departments and businesses and restrict others. That way you can control which employees have the power to see information from other departments or businesses.


A satellite help desk is the ideal solution for business owners who are trying to juggle many companies or brands and want to make their customer service department more efficient. Since the software allows you to easily provide support in one convenient help desk, it makes it easy for multiple businesses to give customers superior end-user support. Below are additional reasons why you should consider trying a satellite help desk.

Scale Your Customer Support Department Worldwide with Ease

If one or all of your companies sell products or services globally or in different countries, a satellite help desk would be a great solution. Our software allows you to provide customer support in multiple languages for your customers and agents. So your native French-speaking customers can submit requests and contact you using their native language and search through different knowledge or self-help tools in French.

Create Unlimited Multiple Products, Brands and Companies 

Once you have set up this type of software, you can focus on expanding your business even more. Now you can create an unlimited number of products and brands or start another company and be confident that you will have a fully integrated solution for your customer service departments.

Customize the Business Hours and Time Zones

You can also customize the specific business hours and time zones for each individual business. For example, if Los Angeles is home to one of your businesses, it is going to have different hours than another business you own and operate in the Netherlands. Customer support agents can also setup their own time zone to see tickets in their own local time zone even if it is different from the time zone you had previously set up for the company. The satellite help desk’s hours and calendar can also be updated separately, which will come in handy since each country and region may have different holidays and celebrations. The great thing about these features is that it can be managed in one convenient place.

Easy to Set Up and Use

Satellite or multi company help desks are easy to configure and use. We offer a free 30 day trial so you can experience how the SaaS (Software as a Service) system works and how it can benefit your businesses.

Ultimately, many business owners are searching for a customer service solution that can scale and grow with the business as its revenues and number of customers increase. Our advanced satellite help desk software is a good solution because it is designed to allow products, brands and businesses their own separate, branded customer support portal and separate knowledge base. The software can also help your company save money since you won’t have to pay for multiple separate help desk software packages for each of your companies or brands. There won’t be any additional headaches if your business scales vertically or horizontally, and you can program multiple time zones, business hours and workflows into each portal.

For more information, or to learn how our satellite or multi company help desk can help your business, please contact us today.

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Megha JadhavWhy Your Company Should Use a Satellite or Multi Company Help Desk
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