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5 Ways Web Based Help Desk Software Will Improve Your Customer Support

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Today it is more vital than ever that your business is able to offer top-of-the-line customer support to every customer that runs into a problem. With the lightning-fast response times that new customer support help desk solutions have made possible, it is important that you are able to quickly respond and rectify any potential issues that you could run into. There are many reasons why a web-based help desk software solution is ideal for most companies, including:

Access Tickets From Anywhere

When you choose web based help desk software you are able to access support requests and tickets from any device, whether you are at work or not. When you receive that emergency request for help from a high-profile client, you can quickly respond. The ability to take care of these issues at any time will make you much more adept at dealing with potential problems. Being able to access tickets anywhere, at any time will ensure that you improve your support ticket response times and do not let tickets slip through the cracks.

Use Apps

Vision Helpdesk offers apps for all popular platforms including iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile. This helps to ensure that you are always able to respond to important support tickets or login to evaluate your staff, even while you are out of the office. This is particularly useful when you are hiring remote workers who  may work during times when you are out of the office. Being able to login quickly, at any time, from your mobile device to ensure that everything is running smoothly will make it easy for you to fix issues as they arise.

Ability Hire Remote Support Specialists

Many companies are taking part in the recent remote revolution. Hiring remote workers comes with its own challenges but definitely provides you with vastly increased flexibility. The fact that support specialists can login and begin answering tickets from anywhere in the world really opens up a wider talent pool for your company to hire from. In general, support representatives do not always need to be located within your office and many will appreciate the flexibility of being able to work from home.

In-Depth Reporting

Another often overlooked benefit of online support desk solutions is the fact that they can provide in-depth reporting. Vision Help Desk gives you access to in-depth stats for a wide range of metrics, including but not limited to:

  • Staff work reports. Gain understanding into the activity and productivity of each individual staff member, filtered by time period.
  • Client report. Understand which clients are sending the most support tickets.
  • Customer feedback. Every ticket that is submitted thorugh Vision Helpdesk allows the customer to rate the service that they have received. This makes it easy for you to evaluate how your customer support reps are connecting with your customers.
  • Time tracking. Vision Helpdesk comes with built-in time tracking capabilities so you can see where your process hangups are and find where each staff member is spending the most time. Vision Helpdesk offers time tracking per staff, per ticket and per department.

This is just a small sampling of the in-depth reporting offered within Vision Helpdesk, which offers many reporting options. We strive to offer a top-down review of your support efforts and allow you to make decisions that will not only improve your support, but make things less hectic for your team as a whole.

Reward Top Performers

One of the best ways to ensure that your support team is motivated and working to improve is to recognize when they are doing their job well and reward them for it. Most software solutions don’t provide stats that point out your top performers. Being able to not only identify who the top performers are on a daily basis but to institute a reward system can go a long way toward motivating your support staff.

Faster Response Times

A web-based support solution means faster response times to support requests across the board. Because Vision Helpdesk has a built-in workflow that makes it easy for your support agents to escalate a ticket if needed, quickly respond to common questions and generally ensure that the ticket is headed in the right direction as soon as it is submitted. Faster response times will lead to a more engaged and appreciative customer base.

Better Oversight from Management

One often overlooked benefit of a web-based help desk solution is the fact that it simply gives management a deeper insight into how well the support team as a whole is performing. Too often workflow bottlenecks in the support department can go unnoticed for long periods of time, resulting in a complete slowdown for the department as a whole. The excellent reporting and increased oversight make it easy to diagnose these bottlenecks and make quick changes to improve your support.


There are many support and help desk solutions out there on the market, but not all are created equal. In today’s environment, a web based help desk solution provides too much flexibility to overlook. The ability to hire remote workers, track the efforts of individual support agents and make smart decisions that rapidly improve your customer support efforts make it a smart decision for businesses in any industry. Choosing the right support and help desk software is an important decision for any business. Online, web-based solutions provide all of the benefits of other help desk solutions, while allowing you to access your software while on the go.

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Megha Jadhav5 Ways Web Based Help Desk Software Will Improve Your Customer Support
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