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6 Warning Signs: It’s Time for New Help Desk Software

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It’s hard running a business and one of the hardest parts is to decide when it’s time for new systems and technologies. Organizations often think that their help desk is perfectly adequate.

However, there comes a time when it is more cost-effective to try new Help Desk Software than replace the existing one. Now, how do you know when to get new help desk software?

Unfortunately, there is no warning message or pop-up like “Change Me” to appear within the application to alert you. Also, there is no single rule that can tell you that the time has come for new help desk software.

Here is some tell-tale signs indicating that it’s time to invest in help desk software. If you are experiencing any of the below scenarios, it may be time to invest in a help desk software or upgrade the existing one.

Your customers inquiries are still lying in the Inbox

Many small and medium companies still manage their customer service through email account with one or two employees supporting their customers. When you don’t have many customers, you don’t have many support inquiries. However, when your business grows, it takes hundreds of employees to monitor the inbox and respond to the inquiries. At lower volumes – manual processing, prioritization, tracking of issues etc is tolerable. But at a certain point, the volume of issues cries out for a better system and support.The right help desk software will have native email integration feature that adds the email inquiry to the ticket database of your company so that all the agents can see it. Agents who are available at that time will respond to the inquiry, which will eventually lead to customer satisfaction.

Knowledge is inaccessible or undocumented

If your service desk team is finding it difficult to handle recurring issues, it means you need a tool that has knowledge management capabilities. Customer support staff often faces the issue of handling recurring issues because the information is usually scattered, and not centralized. They may also need to navigate 5+ screens to find information, which the customer is looking for. This results in inconsistent service, reworks and wastage of time.

Usually, the customer support staff sits at their own locations and takes calls without sharing important information with others. Sometimes, the agents share the information through off-board wiki. The new Help Desk software has knowledge management capabilities. It not only encourages sharing of knowledge, but will improve the efficiency of its use.

When the customers are trying to approach you on multiple channels

These days, customers expect the issues to be resolved at the earliest. In fact, they need lightning fast solutions and in this regard, they try to approach you through the platform they are comfortable with. For instance – customers may pick up phone quickly or try to connect with your organization through social channels, if you don’t reply to their email. This will create trouble for those teams that doesn’t have any way to resolve inquiries from different channels.
By having a reliable Help Desk solution, you will know your customers wherever you meet them and can see the status of their inquiries on different channels.

You are not sure of what is happening with your customers

Lack of visibility at customer level is one of the common concerns that small and large companies face. In resolving the issues, companies often forget their relationship with the customer. Rather, companies should keep an eye on the issues and patterns so that the customer gets the feel of ‘real customer service’. Remember that the customers are blood of every business and most of the customers will come to you in good faith to get good quality products and service.
With today’s SaaS help desk options, you can know what’s happening with your customers. Both your customers and employees will thank you for incorporating the right Help Desk software into your organization.

Your customer support representatives are taking long to resolve issues

There are many factors that contribute in resolving issues. However, customer support team often gets stuck in handling multiple issues due to which resolving an issue will take too longer. This kind of situation is a strong indication that your customers are unhappy. You may need a help desk tool that can automate the process more effectively and help you establish better controls.
Help desk tool with workflow automation frees up time to resolve issues and develop a proactive initiatives to develop your organization.

If you are finding it difficult to track customer satisfaction

There may be no legitimate way to quantify satisfaction level of the customer, which is beyond own interpretation of happiness or frustration level of the customer. You may not have a baseline to track the improvement of your customer support team without good hands on the performance of customer desk. You need a help desk solution that helps you measure customer satisfaction level, and identify different factors that point the customer satisfaction arrow downward.
The help desk tool will offer a way to capture this information easily, and provide essential data to both the company and the customer.

If you find that you are having any of the above problems, a Help Desk software may be the answer for you. Check out our service and see how easy it is to get started with Help Desk solutions today.

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Megha Jadhav6 Warning Signs: It’s Time for New Help Desk Software
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