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Cloud Help Desk Software Keeps You in the Loop

cloud help desk software

It’s no secret that communication is an important part of customer service. You need to be diligent when you respond to customer inquiries, otherwise you risk turning off your customers.

Switching to a cloud-based help desk could be exactly what you need to improve your response times and get results.

What is a Cloud?

There are several different kinds of help desk software. The two major varieties are ones that store data locally and cloud-based solutions. Local solutions require you to log on using a specific computer to see the inquiries; these systems are commonly found in large customer support offices. Cloud-based solutions are more scale-able and can be accessed from any device.

Rather than storing all of the data on a single computer, the data is stored online. This makes it easier to transfer it from person to person. Because they can be accessed anywhere, they are a favorite among small and medium businesses.

Don’t worry, cloud-based services may make the data more accessible, but that doesn’t make it a security risk. Cloud security has become much more sophisticated in the past few years, making it a more practical option for businesses, even those dealing with sensitive information. As long as your software is being provided by a reputable company, security measures will be in place to defer hacking and data loss.

Cloud-Based Customer Service Grants Accessibility

One of the best things about cloud help desk software is that it is easy to access from anywhere in the world. Multiple accounts can be created to help you manage who has access to your customer inquiries. Because everything can be accessed remotely, you can ensure that you always have the best people on staff to handle unique questions. For example, you don’t have to wait for the sales expert to come to the office to change a bill. Instead, they can access the inquiry at their convenience.

This allows companies to diversify and expand their customer service departments. Rather than simply have a call center where everyone knows a bit about everything, the company can hire specific people to handle each request without delaying service. It isn’t uncommon for companies to hire someone to handle new sales requests, bills, general questions and shipping complaints.

Software even sorts and organizes the inquiries automatically based on filters you set up. This means the customer doesn’t have to explain themselves to multiple representatives to get something done. Instead, their inquiry goes straight to the person who needs to see it.

Never Close Your Customer Service Department

Another great feature of help desk software is that it enables you to be available 24 hours a day. This allows you to quickly service your customer night and day. You’ll also be able to better adapt to their habits and fulfill their needs as a company.

Your software will not only gather all of your inquiries in one place, it will also allow you to provide your customers with other care options. Here are just some examples and how they make your company “always available.”

  • Email – Set up automatic responses so that customers know right away that their message was received. No need to post hours of operations.
  • Call – Keep digital records of phone inquiries so you can follow-up with your customer via email.
  • Live Chat – Expand your service hours by offering chat-based support that can be accessed at home.
  • Social Media – Quickly see all of your social media responses and inquiries so you can act as soon as possible using Facebook or Twitter.
  • Self Service Centers – Show that you care about your customer while reducing the amount of overall inquiries by providing them with easy-to-find solutions.

Because the software automatically collects the inquiries, you are always informed about your customer’s concerns. Customers can also get the answers they seek when it is convenient for them, keeping you both in the loop.

Improve Your Communication Skills

Another key to staying informed is communication. As you move the bulk of your customer service department online, you will be introduced to a wide variety of tools that help you boost communication. These tools can naturally be incorporated into your business operations, especially since you are already online. For example, if you were in an office, you might get up to ask your employee a question about a customer situation. Since you are already at your desk and using the software, why don’t you just email the employee? You can copy and paste the exact question, a reference link and any additional information they may need to provide you with an accurate answer. No more trying to explain yourself or jogging your employee’s memory; everything you need is right there.

Proper communication in the workplace allows you to increase productivity and better service your customer. When you automate as much as possible and incorporate innovative technology into your daily operations, you are changing the way you communicate internally. These changes don’t just keep you informed; they help you inform others.

Help desk software can help your business better service your customer in a number of ways. Cloud-based software allows you to transfer and access information quickly. Communication, however, is the key to success. By making sure you, your customer, and your employees are always in the loop, you are able to provide top-notch customer service. To learn more about how to enhance your business with SaaS help desk and features you should look while selecting SaaS help desk software please contact us today.

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Megha JadhavCloud Help Desk Software Keeps You in the Loop
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