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8 Ways Web Chat Software Can Improve Customer Service

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Customer service can make or break you, especially how you handle web chat software issues. And the more companies, websites, brands, or customers you have, the more complicated it gets.

With web chat software, you can handle incoming support requests with ease. There are several advantages to investing in live chat software for your customer service support requests.

  1. Web Chat Software Automation

    Live chat software can provide automated assistance to your customers. Set up rules within the software to send a customer to a chatbot or a live representative based on their needs. You can even ensure that their issues will be automatically escalated based on the criteria of their request!

  2. Streamline Web Chat Software Responses

    Investing in live chat software can mean faster response times from your chat agents, thanks to the canned response option. Agents can search a knowledge base of information for the customer’s issue, select the response they wish to send, and assist the customer with a single click!

  3. Keep Track of Support Analytics

    An important part of improving customer service is keeping track of analytics such as customer ratings, support times, productivity rates, and live chats. With Web chat software, you can store analytics to be used later to improve your overall customer service approach.

  4. Ticket Creation

    Often, with support requests, an agent must manually create a support ticket either during the conversation with the customer or after it is complete in order to track the work. Web chat software has the ability to automatically convert a chat to a ticket to assist with that record keeping. Agents even have the option to append a current request to an existing ticket. Therefore, reducing the likelihood of redundant work and overlapping communications!

  5. Chat History

    Customers may have to reach out more than once if their issue has not been resolved or a new one arises. And in the past, an agent would have to search for the customer in a database or go into the conversation blind. Thanks to live chat software, agents have access to the customer’s chat history during the live chat and can easily reference past conversations more quickly and handle the current situation more efficiently.

  6. It Saves Money

    A comprehensive web chat software can provide all of the services you expect from a large competent team of agents without the cost of paying each of those agents on the team. Meanwhile, agents are freed up from handling repetitive, basic support requests. And instead, have time to provide better service to those who truly need the assistance of a live chat agent.

  7. Easily Accessible

    Customers can’t use what they can’t access. With browser-based live chat software, customers are able to access the live chat from any browser, whether it’s a mobile, laptop, desktop, or something else. Making it easier for customers to receive assistance with their issues means happier customers and better results.

  8. Customizable Options

    A one size fits all approach is no longer enough when it comes to providing best-in-class customer service. Customization is critical for customer service success and live chat software comes with a collection of customizable options to meet your unique needs and personalize your customer’s experience.

Offering Web chat support can take your customer service from basic to extraordinary. Gone are the days of customers emailing a support desk and waiting for a response, not having access to historical information, and wasting time on repetitive, easy-to-answer questions. Communicating with your customers more efficiently and providing help at the click of a button helps you, your team, and your end users. At Vision Helpdesk, we offer the best live chat software. Contact us today to learn more!

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Megha Jadhav8 Ways Web Chat Software Can Improve Customer Service
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