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Benefits of Cloud-based Help Desk For Your Business

Cloud Help Desk

Information technology has become an important part of business operations these days, due to which the demand for internal IT support has multiplied with explosion of devices used by employees and customers.

Customer support has changed a lot since the arrival of cloud based help desk. The IT help desk available these days differ a lot from the previous version. Now, the IT help desk does not reside within the company’s walls, but in the cloud. This means the help desk solution resides on third-party servers for easy access and use by agents. These are maintained professionally with data being secured highly.

Cloud based help desk software do a lot more than what you think. Cloud based help desk solution has clearly overtaken on-premises solutions with the flexibility they offer in terms of cost, maintenance, features and extensibility. The fully featured and regularly updated cloud applications can be accessed from anywhere using ordinary web browser. With online help desk software hosted on the cloud, businesses are able to enjoy the benefits of powerful and updated help desk solution that can be accessed from anywhere without bothering the IT teams.

A cloud based help desk provides businesses with many benefits, some of which are as below –

Time management and productivity

Cloud based help desk solutions enable the agents to manage their systems in an efficient way. They will get full access to the service configuration, training, troubled tickets, call analytics and many more. This kind of access allow customer support agents to spend a fewer resources and focus more on work.

Another key advantage is that the cloud based help desk solutions can be integrated easily with other applications, as a result of which employees can access all the features they need to do productive work.

To expand your talent pool

Cloud based help desk solutions that provide remote access has numerous benefits. They give you the ability to hire help desk agents from across the globe. You can bring in more talented agents and at the same time reduce costs significantly. You will also have an option to have multiple help desk teams spread across different time zones. This improves the availability of customer support agents in different geographical areas.

There are many cloud based help desk solutions that include different languages to provide natural experience for end users, regardless of their language and location.

All support tools are available under a single roof

A cloud based help desk solution will allow you to manage and track all the help desk incidents in one place. Whether the incidents come through email, phone, social media or live chat, you can track the incidents and resolve easily. Your agents will be able to manage requests using a number of automated tools such as escalation management, business rule application, ticket management etc.
The cloud based system puts businesses in driver’s seat, allowing them to choose and pick tools as per the requirements of their business.

Deliver faster ROI

A cloud-based help desk solution is the best way to deliver faster ROI. The IT help desk often needs considerable help. With cloud based solutions, you can download, install, configure database and customize applications in less time. Being an administrator, you can simply log in via a browser and configure the system without taking much time.
As the cloud based application needs less hardware and software, it costs less and generates better ROI.

Cutting edge security

Cloud based software platforms communicate with highly secure network protocols. It also allows creation of location based rules that change what a person can access and cannot access, on the basis of geographical location. Help desk solutions include high level data security protocols that meet high regulatory standards. On-premises help desk platforms also offer data security, but it will be the company’s own responsibility.

With cloud based system, all the trouble and burden of data security is handled by software provider. In short, these solutions help you solve all the modern security challenges.

There is no doubt that cloud based help desk solutions offer a lot in terms of features, cost, maintenance, flexibility and modernization. They can bring a great deal of efficiency to businesses that implement them. Web based help desk is the only way to go, if you own a small or large business that has employees working from different places and have the need to access the data separately or simultaneously.

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Megha JadhavBenefits of Cloud-based Help Desk For Your Business
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