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Compare Best Online Chat Software for Your Website

Best Online Chat Software

Best Online Chat Software? We all know reaching out to prospective customers is the surest way to turn them into paying customers. Thankfully, there are many ways through which you can reach out to these buyers, such as through emails, phone, and social media. While these are all great ways, using online chats is your best bet.

Research shows that chat software offers 73% customer satisfaction, while the rest offer about 44%. This is for reasons such as having a chance to directly talk to your customers when they visit your website. Here are some of the best online chat software you should consider having on your website to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Vision Helpdesk’s Live Chat Software

Vision Helpdesk’s Live Chat Software is your first go-to option when looking for help desk integrated live chat software. A secure, real-time multi-company live chat messaging platform that improves customer engagement by helping sales teams to convert website visitors into paying customers. Further, It also enhances customer support team productivity by giving them the ability to deliver quick and reliable support.

Key points of Vision Helpdesk’s Live Chat Software are

  • User-Friendliness – Ease of use has always been our top priority.
  • In-Built into Customer Support tools – All-in-one customer service portal that allows staff agents to solve incidents and do live chat sessions from a single staff portal.
  • Multi-Company Live Chat Management – Offers Multi-company live chat management features similar to our Satellite Help Desk and Service Desk.
  • Device-independent (Browser-based) – Ready to run from either Desktop/ iPad or Mobile browsers.
  • Enhance Customer Support Team’s productivity – Ability to deliver real-time quick and reliable support to customers.
  • Engage Website Visitors to Increase Sales – Engage website visitors by initiating chat requests and guiding them through the right information they are looking for.
  • Powerful Automation – Automation and workflow rules to make the software more efficient and optimized.


HubSpot is another option when looking for chat software particularly if you are working on a budget. It is easy to connect and operate as it requires no coding. HubSpot offers remarkable options for free, which gives you a chance to see whether it works in your business. Moreover, the software allows you to personalize your business and branding to market it to website visitors.

HubSpot has an integrated chatbot that offers personalized conversations with customers. The integrated chatbot also has a builder that helps answer commonly asked questions. It has a box that stores chats and conversations in a centralized box. It’s the box HubSpot uses to predict answers to commonly asked questions. There is also no limit to the number of chats you can have.


Olark is straightforward to set up and operate. This makes it ideal for small businesses, especially those trying out chat software for the first time. It is highly customizable in changing the color, shape, and position of the chat box. You will also love Olark since it provides a report and analysis of some of the chat’s details. For instance, it gives reports on details like customer satisfaction and preferences.

This software also has a database that records answers to frequently asked questions. Additionally, it has automation tools that welcome customers by greeting them and sending them messages related to their previous actions. Olark offers you two free weeks during which you can integrate it into your business and see if it works.


One of the best things about LiveChat is that it is easy to use and communicate with colleagues. If customers ask questions that the sales rep is unsure about, they can direct this to another salesperson. It is also possible to send links, calendars, files, and responses to commonly asked questions.

Another amazing feature of LiveChat is that you can see what customers are typing before they send it. It also has an achievement for the previous chat. LiveChat helps you offer better customer satisfaction by asking clients to complete surveys and rate chats. It has amazing features like product chats, AI automation, and customer forms.


If you are looking forward to sending personalized messages that will make buying customers, Chaport is the software to choose. The chat has features that help generate leads and reduce cart abandonment. It has a 30-day chat history where you can restore previous customer chats; this aids in better chat communication. What’s more, it is easy to forward messages to a colleague for help if your customer asks a question you have no answers to. Chaport is free and has unlimited chats. You can get more advanced features at $15 per month.

How Can You Tell the Best Chat Software for You?

Your business needs should be your first guide when looking for the best chat software. Most online chat software offers trial chances that you can use to determine whether it works for you. Additionally, ensure you have professional service reps to offer perfect customer engagement for excellent results.

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Megha JadhavCompare Best Online Chat Software for Your Website
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