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Do I Need a Satellite Help Desk for my Business?

multi-brand help deskIf you operate a mid-sized business, then you surely know the benefits of streamlining your office procedures with the latest software. Without updated hardware and software, the office workload becomes burdensome. The paperwork, phone calls, and emails start to pile up. Whether you are working with a small group of regular customers or have a broad reach of clients, the proper help desk software will facilitate the workload. Any time you can cut down on the time your employees spend dealing with customer service issues, then you have saved money. This not only increases your bottom line but enhances employee morale, as well. You may be wondering what type of help desk software is best for your type of business, and that’s an important question to consider. Some businesses do better with a satellite help desk and others do best with a standard CRM help desk. So, which one is better for your business? Many companies may be able to go with the standard help desk, but here are two reasons you may need a satellite help desk instead.

Your business has multiple brands

Businesses use multiple brands for a variety of reasons. Here are a few of them:

  • You can take up a greater part of the market with your product by marketing it under different brand names, thus bringing in a greater share of the profits.
  • Experiment with small changes to gain different demographics of shoppers.
  • Use your main product brand name to bring popularity to another brand and therefore spend less on marketing it.

There are a few different strategies businesses use when marketing multiple brands. Here are three of them:

  • A company that uses its brand to sell several different products but they are not differentiated from the competition except by the parent company name. For example, FedEx Corporation has several different products such as FedEx SmartPost, FedEx SupplyChain, FedEx TechConnect, and more. FedEx uses color coding to separate the different products of their brands. This type of brand architecture is called monolithic.
  • Some companies don’t really use their parent company name but they create several brand names that are popular with people. You may not even know these products are all related and the main company name may not be one you’ve even heard of before. However, brands are highly popular. One example of this is Unilever. Many people may not realize that this company owns several well-known brands such as Dove, Lipton, Vaseline, and Klondike.  This type of brand architecture is called pluralistic.
  • Another way multiple brands are used is through the endorsed method. The brands are well known through association with the parent company. The parent company lends credence to other brands through its logo instead of using colour-coding like FedEx.

If you have any type of multiple brand structure, then you benefit from a Satellite help desk. A satellite help desk ensures that all your different brands stay differentiated when customers visit the portal or help desk. It won’t be very helpful to the parent company if you have just a standard help desk when working with several brands. For example, let’s say your parent company name is Jacob’s Inc. and the logo is a navy and white star. However, your product brands have no words about Jacob’s on it and each brand has its own logo and colour theme. When customers come to the help desk, they expect to see the brand name and logo about which they are inquiring. A satellite help desk provides the customization for each brand you have. By having this highly personal help desk for each brand you:

  • Maintain brand recognition
  • Let customers know they are in the right place
  • Provide a seamless experience for customers
  • Keep brand and product tickets separate
  • Enhance the organization

Your business has multiple companies

Maybe you don’t have don’t multiple brands but you do have more than one business. These businesses could even be related to each other or work to enhance one another. For example, a person may own a heating and cooling business in one town. They may also own a sheet metal shop that creates and supplies ductwork to HVAC companies too. They may even open an educational institute and train people to how to install and fix heating and cooling units. These three businesses would all fall under the one main business. How would a satellite desk be helpful for this business? All of these businesses are handled through one main help desk, which brings continuity for the owner. With a satellite help desk, you can set up multiple languages or time zones for the different locations, if the businesses are located in different places. Another benefit is having the ability to set up different hours for each business.

When customers come to the portal they need a seamless experience. They want to be able to find the information they need right away without any problems. You will have the ability to give your customers a separate knowledgebase for each business entity so that they can quickly find their information. Using a satellite help desk makes the work on your end much more efficient. If you had a standard help desk, you would need one for each business. That means logging in and out of each help desk to handle each business, whereas, with the satellite help desk, you can manage them all from one dashboard. Yet, your customers will just see one business’s information they are looking for.

CRM software is an important tool in operating any business and having the proper one is essential. If you are operating multiple businesses or a business with multiple brands, then a satellite help desk will provide the most efficient way to streamline the office and serve customers. Vision Helpdesk is a leader in CRM software. Their powerful and robust software includes both standard and satellite help desks. This ensures customers have the tools to best suit their business’s needs. Our professional staff is equipped to help you transition from your current system to a new satellite help desk in a short time. For more information about how you can get started, contact us today!

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Megha JadhavDo I Need a Satellite Help Desk for my Business?
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