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Here’s Why You Need the Right ITSM Service Desk Software

right itsm service desk software

Your ITIL/ITSM service desk is the hub where a good part of your business thrives and survives or falters and dies.
Of course, selling your product or service is of great importance, but if your ITIL/ITSM service desk is not operational or nonexistent, then operations cannot flow smoothly, thus hindering your work.

Before we start further please read to understand the difference between help desk software and ITSM service desk software.

Have you ever tried to communicate with a company only to have your call get transferred from one department to another until you hung up in frustration? Have you ever tried to get help with a newly purchased product but the company’s website didn’t have any information to assist you and calling wasn’t productive either? Or have you ever visited a website that had broken links or pages missing? What about email problems? All of these issues are frustrating and can result from a business that doesn’t have a functional IT software.

Other issues that employees within a company may deal with if they don’t have a solid ITIS/ITSM service desk are the following:

  • Continual incident issues due to improper problem resolution software
  • Inefficient handle on the assets and budgets (mostly within larger organizations)
  • Lack of seamless connection with vendors and suppliers
  • Poor roll out of new changes within the system due to ineffective release management
  • Overwhelmed staff due to no knowledge-base software to offset customer service calls

Selecting Right ITSM Service Desk Software:

A robust ITIL/ITSM service desk will provide a powerful boost to your office environment. Not only does a service desk do everything a help desk does, but it also aids in the delivery to the end-user. Furthermore, service desk software facilitates inner office tasks and makes them operate smoothly. When you have the right ITIL/ITSM Service Desk Software you can expect to see benefits to your business operations. Here are a few reasons why your service desk software is so important to your business’s success and why you need to ensure you select the top one for your company.

Components of an ITIL/ITSM Service Desk are interrelated

What do we mean by saying the components of an ITIL/ITSM Service Desk are interrelated and how does this affect your business? They are interrelated because some of the actions in one part of your service software directly impacts actions or consequences in another part of your software. For example, let’s say someone reports a problem with sending email or the CCTV isn’t working in a couple areas. It doesn’t make sense to just solve the surface issue, because the next day someone else may have a similar problem. These incidents need to be directly integrated with a problem management software so once the root problem is determined, everyone gets their issue solved at once. In other words, the problem and incident components are interrelated and need to work together. If they act as two separate entities, then you will likely be causing yourself more work.

Provides a seamless experience

When the right ITIL/ITSM service desk software is in place, the inner workings of the office will operate seamlessly. For one thing, you won’t have staff spending countless hours performing tasks manually when they can be automated. From ticket creation to implementing rules for the tickets, the task of the administrator becomes much easier with a service desk. In fact, it also provides a seamless experience for the end-user, as well. If you try to access a company because you needed help with a product or you had a question about their service and had difficulty getting through, you would not be satisfied with your experience. For example, if you sent a message from the website page and then didn’t hear anything back right away, you may try to call to get your answers. If, when you called, the person you speak to doesn’t have any idea what you’re talking about and they don’t have easy access to your question, then this would be frustrating. You want your business to quickly and efficiently meet the needs of the customer and provide the best service for them.

Reduces redundant work

No one wants to do work that overlaps with tasks they’ve already completed. It makes for a lot of extra and unnecessary tasks. In other words, redundancy is a time waster. When your ITIL/ITSM service desk software is up and running, it helps reduce those extra tasks that you’ve already done. Or it can help you eliminate future tasks. For example, the asset management component of the service desk software will auto calculate the current book value of your assets saving you the time of manual entries. A dynamic service desk also eliminates redundancy between your incidents and problems. If several departments are experiencing the same type of incidents, then these can all be linked together. This helps when you move to the problem management phase, you will be able to eliminate all the incidents at once instead of waiting for one issue at a time to come in.

Furnishes vehicle for accurate tracking and reporting

Being able to provide comprehensive tracking and reporting is important for any business. Some aspects of your business need more thorough reporting features and having the software tools to do it is helpful. When your business is getting ready to implement an IT change, then having the capability of tracking the release of the changes along the way will ensure everyone stays in step. It will bring your team leveraging power when you are bidding for a change if you can provide reports and show real progress to those in management positions.

As you can see, it’s important to have the right ITIL/ITSM service desk software in place for your business. At Vision Helpdesk, our robust service desk software has a wide range of capabilities. It will ensure your business operations flow smoothly. Don’t let your workflow overwhelm the office. Take charge of it with Vision Helpdesk’s powerful service desk software. Our software includes components for incident management, problem management, change management, release management, asset management, knowledge-base management, supplier management, IT service catalog management, and much more. You will streamline your ticket functions as well as give customers the service and satisfaction to keep them coming back for more. Contact us today for more information.

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Megha JadhavHere’s Why You Need the Right ITSM Service Desk Software
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