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How to Achieve Optimal Workflow Using Cloud Help Desk Software

cloud help desk software

Simplification and organization are two of the greatest benefits cloud and mobile computing solutions offer businesses today. When building and maintaining business growth, these two benefits are key for success.

Cloud help desk software effectively brings these benefits to teams and customers alike; in this regard, let’s examine how this solution achieves optimal workflow for businesses.

Multi-Channel Centralisation and Unified Messaging

Effective organization brings simplicity to workflows. Cloud help desk software essentially organizes tickets from multi-channels, consolidating the workload to one dashboard interface.

More specifically, Vision Helpdesk centralizes these channels:

    • email
    • phone
    • chat
    • Facebook
    • Twitter

Managing tickets just became a lot easier, as team members only have to go to one central location to begin working on requests. This main dashboard interface is where team members go to manage the workload, rather than working on each channel separately with no connecting tools.

One important connecting tool team members can use to resolve issues as a team is a unified messaging system through the cloud help desk software, such as Vision Helpdesk’s Blabby. With just a click on the main central dashboard interface, team members can access this messaging system to connect with team members in real-time to share information and resolve ticket requests.

Files, videos, presentations, and knowledge can be shared through the secure messaging system in real-time. This type of tool is sure to optimize the workflow, as team members can efficiently collaborate to solve ticket requests. Since teams are all present within the central interface and can receive messages in real-time, they’ll be more available and able to respond with help.

Organizing Tickets for Effective Response

Cloud help desk software isn’t complicated, rather its purpose is to simplify workflows by consolidating the tools and resources needed to help customers and team members alike. One such tool is Vision Helpdesk’s task management page; this is where managers can efficiently assign tasks to groups or individuals instantly or through automated scheduling.

The task management page comprehensively gives the creator the ability to assign tasks and track their progress in real-time; both the creator and assignee can comment and share files on the specific task page.

This type of tool optimizes workflow through organization, as managers and team members have a simple way to keep track of tasks and manage their completion. Task filters on the dashboard give creators and team members a way to see:

    • My Task
    • Assigned task
    • In progress Task
    • Overdue task
    • Completed task
    • Canceled task
    • Low priority task
    • Medium priority task
    • High priority task

Having efficient tools to delegate is key to optimizing the daily workflow. With low or high-volume workloads in the office, this page gives managers and their teams the ability to streamline delegation and task completion without making mistakes and/or suffering from misunderstandings. The task management page is where most of the workload gets accomplished.

Optimized Interface Helps Visual Understanding

An important attribute to desire in cloud help desk software is optimal UX and UI design. The software must be visually appealing and the application must be simply designed without loss of functionality.

The icons and other visual characteristics of the dashboard interface must be easy to understand and work with from day-to-day. Too much complexity can hinder workflow, as team members may struggle to effectively use the application.

Visually, the dashboard interface should be self-explanatory and helpful with key indicators. For instance, with Vision Helpdesk cloud software, the main ticket management page has easily interpreted icons next to the subject section which indicate the channel it originated from – Twitter, phone, etc.

This page also shows the: ticket number, department, status, contact email, priority, create date, and has a colored flag at the end to indicate and emphasis priority status.

Businesses should always try out different cloud help desk software solutions before making a decision; choosing the product that works best for the team visually and usability-wise, will streamline the daily workflow greatly.

One of the most appealing attributes of Vision Helpdesk’s cloud software is its visual appeal combined with usability and functionality. Business growth is demanding, which is why teams need cloud held desk software that’s designed to handle high-volume workflows with streamlined efficiency and optimal functionality – with an optimized interface that helps visual understanding.

Resolving All Levels of Help Issues in Real Time

Harnessing the power of cloud and mobile computing for help desk issues gives businesses the ability to resolve these issues at all levels in real-time. From managing the knowledge-based help center on the webpage or mobile app to working through the task management and messaging pages at the office or remotely, businesses will have the tools to resolve all levels of help issues in real-time and at anytime through the centralized portal.

The main focus for businesses and organizations is to serve their customers and clients, which means helping them resolve issues. Timeliness is vital in this effort, as sales and clients can be lost when questions and issues (tickets) are neglected or lost in the shuffle.

Equally important is being able to help team members in their efforts to help customers, as well as helping customers help themselves. Capitalizing on every chance to convert a sale or client is the goal, which means resolving every level of inquiry, issue, or ticket is important.

Cloud held desk software doesn’t do the work for businesses, rather it gives them an optimal platform to do it themselves with streamlined efficiency. What software solutions like Vision Helpdesk does is give teams the tools to expand their service for optimal conversion.

Incentivize Teams with Rewards and Group Awareness

Another helpful and fun attribute gained with cloud help desk software is gamification and group awareness. Even though teams often work closely in an office setting or in a close-knit organization, without a centralized solution like Vision Helpdesk, they’ll be separated online when managing different channels.

When a central dashboard interface has the tools to resolve multi-channel help issues, teams will finally feel like a team online. They’ll be able to see each other virtually, message each other, work together on tasks in groups, help each other through messaging, etc. Centralizing their work platform brings group awareness, which can be used to build team cohesion.

Rewarding individuals through gamification further incentivizes the team; group awareness magnifies the incentive and builds healthy competition within teams. This can be managed and guided creatively to enhance productivity and build highly successful teams.


When businesses use cloud help desk software, they’re harnessing the power of cloud and mobile computing technology; this brings simplicity and organization to their workflows and optimizes their productivity. Through a centralized portal that consolidates multi-channels, teams have the tools to collaborate and manage low or high-volume workloads with efficiency.

Integrating SaaS solutions into enterprise systems is an important step for businesses to make, and not every cloud help desk software is the same. Vision Helpdesk understands how important this decision is, which is why we offer a 30 day free trial for businesses to make sure our product is right for them. If interested in learning more please contact us today.

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Megha JadhavHow to Achieve Optimal Workflow Using Cloud Help Desk Software
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