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Features of Top ITIL-ITSM Service Desk Software

Top ITIL-ITSM Service Desk Software

These days businesses need to make sure their CRM software is top of the line if they plan to stay competitive. Customers demand speed, quality, and superior customer service when it comes to dealing with any business.

Customers demand to have an experience that will be seamless and supportive. Utilizing a help desk ensures they have the customer care necessary to turn lukewarm customers into zealous ones.

In addition, as a business owner, you know the importance of making your employees’ workload light. Employees excel with a system that streamlines and automates many of the routine tasks they perform each day. CRM software with a vibrant ITSM component ensures that employees can perform their tasks more efficiently as well as please customers. Through ITSM software such as the one Vision Helpdesk offers, companies can realize the benefits of:

Top ITIL-ITSM Service Desk Software Features:

Integrated Features

An effective ITSM help desk will present a hub of integrated features making it easy for employees to respond to customers. A powerful dashboard with the various accessible components is necessary to streamline the workflow. If employees have to log in and out of different programs to complete their job, then valuable time is lost. CRM software such as the one Vision Helpdesk offers provides integrates all the management components needed to complete the task seamlessly.

Comprehensive Asset Management

Asset management is an important component of any business and especially for ITSM software. From the moment you procure assets to the time you dispose of them, you need a thorough record of them. Assets can range from physical things like software and hardware to those not so tangible items like IT work and services. Asset management also needs to integrate services customers order from you with an asset-tracking feature. A services catalog allows customers to view and purchase the services your business offers. Ordered services are automatically linked to the help desk and a help ticket is created. This ensures the proper person contacts the customer, thus ensuring smooth service.

Solid Configuration Management Database

In addition, the asset management feature should contain a solid Configuration Management Database (CMB). This database will contain all the configuration items (CI) that you currently have available plus the relevant information to go along with it such as location information, CI status, and how it interconnects with other CI items. This information is valuable when making decisions about upgrading or switching out one of the configuration items. At a glance, you can determine:

  • Accumulated depreciation of the item
  • Book value
  • Estimated life left
  • Amount you paid for the item initially

Supplier or Vendor Management Module

Having a system in place that manages and tracks your suppliers is essential for efficient asset management. Your assets are directly linked to whom you receive your supplies from. With the proper ITSM service desk, your supplier and products will be connected which makes ordering simple. A robust dashboard allows you to compare the prices of the same product across different suppliers, thus ensuring you get the best price. In addition, you need the ability to create custom contracts within the software so that all your documents and information pertaining to vendors is all in one place. This ensures you have a streamlined process.

Robust Financial Management System

As your assets and expenditures grow, so can the confusion if you don’t have a financial management system in place. You may need to order new computers for one of your departments. Knowing such things like the book value and the depreciation on the computers you already have will help you make the right choices. With ITSM help desk such as the one Vision Helpdesk offers, you find the depreciation and book value cost in a few clicks of the computer. In fact, you can plan your purchases and budget in advance by knowing the worth and longevity of your assets. Financial management software should allow you to review detailed information about the IT expenditures that you make, as well as see the current value of all your products, CIs, and assets.

Contract Management Module

Whenever you’re dealing with vendors, products, and CIs, you will most likely need to create contracts. For example, you may need to create a contract for software license usage for various companies with whom you do business. Some of the features you will want in your CRM software include a fast and seamless way to set up contracts. This includes being able to designate appropriate people to approve of the contracts, map out the length of the contract, and schedule when emails need to be sent out notifying customers of the expiry. Finally, your contract management software should allow you to connect the CIs that are associated with the contract.

Incident and Problem Management Features

A thorough problem management system must include an incidence component. Without a system that can thoroughly track and review incidents, then a business will continue to have problems cropping up. Incidents are the issues that your business are having such as outgoing emails not sending. This, of course, is a problem but not the main root problem. The root problem could be a faulty server. It’s important to have CRM that tracks the incidents because once you determine the main problem, you can ensure all the incidents are resolved. If it doesn’t resolve all the incidents, then that tells you another problem exists. CRM software with an ITSM service desk will allow you to link the incidents to one another and to the problem, once it’s discovered. In addition, you can log and view what the impact and symptoms are from said problem. This is helpful for future problems or incidents when they arise. Employees can review what has been done in the past and gain insight.

As businesses push ahead in a competitive market, top ITSM service desk software allows them to focus on other tasks by assisting them with the routine duties and managing database systems. At Vision Helpdesk, we are committed to delivering a robust CRM that gives businesses the freedom to increase their sales. For more information, contact us today!

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Megha JadhavFeatures of Top ITIL-ITSM Service Desk Software
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