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How to Choose the Best Sales Chat Software


Sales Chat Software

When it comes to customer service, it is no secret that sales chat software has changed the game. From increasing customer experience to driving conversions and improving retention, live chat is a fundamental way to interact and support customers.

Customers and support agents have noticed, and there is no better time to implement an effective sales chat software.

Some exciting facts by Forrester research shows:

  • 73% of consumers value their time and feel it is the vital thing business need to offer for excellent customer service.
  • 51% of customers will likely spend more and buy again from a company with established live chat support.

But the dilemma remains when choosing the best tools to suit unique business needs with the plethora of live chat vendors. Here we discuss the various tips to enable you to get the best tool.

Why Add Sales Chat Software to Your Website?

According to eConsultancy, about 73% of modern customers using live chat love the experience. This is much higher than alternatives like social media, emails, or phone support, where only 44% of customers feel satisfied.

Live chat has a huge impact on online sales and marketing. It enables customers to receive instant requests before they leave a website. Creating a positive live chat experience will push customers to make buying decisions.

Other studies confirm that live chat support can reduce cart abandonment rates, boost conversions, and increase sales. But most of this depends on the live chat software you use.

Having a poor website sales chat software experience will yield negative effects.

  • Likely miss out due to slow response times, and the customer will have a bad impression of your brand.
  • You may also struggle to get the most out of the software that’s a bad fit for your agents’ skills or needs.
  • Need an affordable live chat service that works perfectly and integrates with other business solutions.

Here are some factors to inform your decision when looking for a website live chat tool.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Sales Chat Software

Every solution you invest in should have the features your team needs for increased production. For an effective website live chat tool, you will need:


Your business is unique in how you operate, your customers, and how you support them. It is essential to search for live chat tools with features that offer flexibility and allow you to customize customer interactions. Besides the customization, the tool should be scalable enough to grow with your business.

Proactive Chat Capability

Live chat software also makes your team proactive, unlike traditional support channels. It allows you to move customers through the buyer’s journey, answer questions instantly, and offer an effortless customer experience throughout the customers’ lifecycle.

Integration with Help Desk Software

Even the best and most expensive live chat tool can fall short of its potential when chat conversations are siloed within the tool. You can get the most out of your tool by integrating it with other business software, enabling you to gain the whole picture of customer relationships.

The integrations allow support agents to stay on top of the conversation and gain a holistic view of customer issues to offer better and more efficient solutions.

Get Started With Sales Chat Software Today

Getting the best live chat tools for your website is essential. It enables agents to serve customers better, among other important benefits. Check that the softer delivers all the features your team needs.

Vision Helpdesk gives you a secure, real-time multi-company live messaging platform to boost customer engagement. It helps to convert proactively empowers the sales team prospects into loyal customers. Not just that but the tool will also enhance customer support productivity with capabilities to offer quick and reliable support.

Book a demo today to get started with best sales chat software.

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Megha JadhavHow to Choose the Best Sales Chat Software
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