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Problem Management: An Important Feature of ITIL Service Desk Software

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If you run a business in today’s modern digital world, you know the importance of your service desk software working properly. However, you probably know that IT (information technology) doesn’t always run seamlessly.

When problems occur in service desk software, it’s critical that they be resolved quickly. Here’s what you need to know about Problem Management, which is a feature of ITIL service desk software, along with its many benefits for businesses.


First, it helps to understand what we mean by “Problem Management”. Put simply, Problem Management is the procedure used for helping business people in managing all the various issues that may occur in an IT service. In other words, Problem Management helps businesses handle the lifecycle of problems that can occur or could occur in an IT service.


There are several basic steps in the problem resolution lifecycle.

Problem Detection

The first step is problem detection. In most situations, the cause is unknown at the time in which a record of a problem is created. What’s more, even when issues have been fixed, the actual causes of the problems still need to be discovered so that they don’t reoccur.

There are several ways that problems can be found. For example, they can be detected by results from an incident report. Another way is from automated detection that can be from event management tools. When a problem has already been found it’s known as a Known Problem.

Problem Logging & Linking with Incidents

To be able to keep a comprehensive record, all the problems need to be logged, along with all the pertinent details. These include those, such as user data, date and time, description, associated incidents, closure information, resolution details and other details. After the problem is spotted, the next step is to log into the service desk, noting its due time as well as the status, priority risk and other information.

Problem Categorization and Prioritization

 After everything has been logged, the next step is choosing the right categories so that they can be properly assigned and escalated, besides monitor frequencies and problem trends.

Problems are also prioritized to determine when and how the problem will be managed by a staff. Factors determining priority may include those, such as urgency and how quickly a solution is needed.

Problem Analysis

The root cause of the problem is examined as well as the impact and systems of the issue. Problem analysis generally entails assessing and testing logged incidents of the reported problem.

Problem Solution

A final or workaround solution is provided for solving the problem. The time for resolving a problem can vary.

Creation of a KEDB

After completing the investigation and diagnosis, a Known Error Database (KEDB) record is created. This is needed when future issues arise as it can help service desk technicians who are investigating problems give quicker resolutions by using the KEDB.


Problem Management offers several benefits for businesses. However, the main goal of Problem Management is to reduce the distress of problems on companies, besides prevent them from reoccurring. When Problem Management is used effectively, there are fewer disruptions, and your business runs smoother.

Other perks of Problem Management are those, including improved service quality, an increase in service availability, fewer incidents, less time-solving problems, reduced costs and increased productivity. Moreover, businesses can learn from their past mistakes and experiences since Problem Management provides important historical information for identifying trends so that further incidents will be avoided.


  • By using the Problem Management feature in ITIL service desk software, you can reduce the negative impact of problems and incidents.
  • Furthermore, Problem Management can prevent problems from reoccurring.


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Megha JadhavProblem Management: An Important Feature of ITIL Service Desk Software
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