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Is a Freshdesk Alternative Worth Your Investment?

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Sometimes, the most popular solution is not the best. Far from it. Just because others in your industry use software, its benefits should not be assumed over its competitions.

If that weren’t true, how would a company like Nokia have gone from industry leader in the cell phone industry to an afterthought? Why aren’t we all still using Netscape Navigator to visit our MySpace profile?

The same is true in help desk software, as well. Freshdesk is a major market factor in the help desk industry, largely because its users have grown used to the nuances and idiosyncrasies of the software. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the best by default.

Make no mistake; Freshdesk makes sense for a lot of reason. Any competitor has to be worth it’s salt while trying to compete with it. When you find the right competitor, though, you might actually be better off in trying to improve and optimize your IT services.

That means finding some factors Freshdesk offers that are beneficial and need to be replaced, as well as some opportunities for improvement where the alternative software could actually be beneficial. Let’s dig a little deeper into each of these variables.

Core Freshdesk Software Features

Let’s start with an overview of some core Freshdesk services that an alternative would need to include as well. These are points of parity: if you want to switch or choose between the market leader and a Freshdesk alternative, these need to be considered for both.

Linked Tickets and Ticket Hierarchies

Freshdesk users tend to like the fact that on this system, tickets are not just stored but organized in hierarchies. Especially for larger volumes of support tickets, this allows users to gain a better overview of priorities and workload. Freshdesk alternatives without this type of hierarchy system might not be ideal for users looking to switch or prioritizing this feature.

Multi-Media Support Channels

Freshdesk accepts tickets via phone, email, social media, and live chat. It’s a true multimedia environment that focuses on customer needs first. Naturally, other packages in consideration would need the same type of integration, especially with social media, to not cause a drop off in customer satisfaction and support.

Automation and Notification Systems

Automated notifications and system changes allow organizations to set up workflows that make work more efficient and, in many cases, more effective. Notifications enable agents to be more responsive and ping each other as needed. This type of automation is crucial for any potential competitor, as well.

Knowledge Base Creation

A great help desk software is about more than just ticketing. Ideally, it offers a comprehensive system for customers to find their own help, as well. That means creating a knowledge base of solutions to common problems, and following customers to see where improvements can be made. Whether for Freshdesk or any other software solution, this type of self-help platform is absolutely vital.

Reporting and Optimization

Finally, Freshdesk users tend to like its reporting features that allow them to optimize their help desk system and operations over time. Metrics like average ticket close time and success rate are easy to track. Naturally, they need to be for any alternative to this software as well, as a drop off here can cause a significant loss in efficiency over time.

Freshdesk Disadvantages to Be Considered

The above features are a given for any Freshdesk alternative simply because it needs to compete. At the same time, there are several opportunities for improvement. Freshdesk is by no means perfect; an alternative that wants to truly set itself apart would do well to hone in and improve on the weaknesses by the larger company.

Potentially Significant Expense

Make no mistake: especially in the premium tiers, Freshdesk can get expensive. In fact, it’s one of the more expensive options around. Competitors who can offer more price-effective alternatives, especially for small and medium companies not looking at the support ticket needs of multi-billion dollar corporations, can win points simply by better fitting into customers’ budgets.

Somewhat Limited Dashboard

Users tend to complain about the dashboard of Freshdesk, which is relatively limited and inflexible. It’s not easy to customize and doesn’t always give the insights needed to intuitively grasp success or find new tickets. Competitors with more straightforward, clear dashboards can help improve efficiencies simply by better-communicating needs, trends, and optimization opportunities.

Restrictive Spam Filters

A number of users have complained about Freshdesk spam filters, that catch some actually relevant tickets. The intent here is good, trying to avoid junk in the ticketing system. But Freshdesk seems to have gone too far, leading to actual customer problems. Competitors with a more balanced spam system can win significant points here, especially when keeping end-user satisfaction in mind.

Lack of Responsive Customer Service

Finally, and largely due to the size of the company, the customer service available through Freshdesk is not well-regarded. Calls for improvements or downtimes on the software can go unanswered for hours or even days. Given that these delays get passed down to the customer, it’s a potentially serious issue. Help desk alternatives with more responsive and personalized customer service abilities can win major points in this area.

Difficult Integrations

Freshdesk boasts plenty of integration with major apps and software solutions. Behind the curtain, many of these integrations tend to be difficult, and don’t often work seamlessly. In fact, some developers have complained that Freshdesk comes in last in help desk solutions for building new integrations. As companies often work through multiple platforms, an alternative with better connections to these platforms tends to win out.

Finding the Perfect Freshdesk Alternative

If you are truly looking for a Freshdesk alternative, you have to be strategic. That means considering all of the above factors, and seeing where the platform you’re considering stands in relation to its competition. When you do it right, you can find a great Freshdesk alternative that, in many ways, actually improves upon the market leader.

We could be that software. Vision Helpdesk offers many of the same features as Freshdesk while avoiding almost all of the drawbacks mentioned here. Visit our website to learn more about our services, then have the conversation about what we can offer and how we can help to improve your IT and help desk support services.

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Megha JadhavIs a Freshdesk Alternative Worth Your Investment?
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