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Past, Present and Future of SaaS Help Desk Services

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Most of the people agree that having technical issues is not only frustrating, but is inefficient and time consuming. SaaS Help Desk emerged to solve all the technical problems faced by customers and customer support team, and keep the IT operations run smoothly.

The outsourced help desk is expected to grow drastically in future and even become more efficient in coming decade. For the past 25 years the help desk has served as a centralized communication tool for business customers. Just like other technologies, help desk will continue to evolve with increased self-service and cloud-based computing tools.

Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) is meant to provide software to companies with no extra investment or effort. The only requirement for this is a computer with an internet connection. Companies don’t have the need to maintain or update the software. The billing is usually charged per minute, based on the number of computers. The key benefits of using SaaS help desk are cost-effectiveness, increased productivity in work and enhanced customer satisfaction. The widespread adoption of SaaS help desk by companies is driven by a number of factors, which lead to the decreasing demand of traditional client-server software. Moreover, the cost of SaaS help desk is falling abruptly, which made it even more challenging for traditional software vendors.

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Here is the timeline of how SaaS has changed over years and what you can expect in future –

As we entered 20th century, software bloat became a big problem for all the IT and non-IT organizations. At that time, computer resources were so cheap that more and more features were put onto the PCs and servers. The processing capacity of devices was increased along with storage density, and companies were less bothered about the dropping prices. Software seem to be everything for everyone, and it could make itself useless to a fewer enterprises only.

In the year 2000, online help desk products started to emerge and it made sense as high-speed internet has become a standard pattern in companies. Soon, open source and live help desk software emerged to address the software bloat and reduce the frustration of customer support agents. It took time for these web-based services to overcome the challenges and become useful enough to become an ideal option for enterprises.

In the year 2008, social media evolved with a great hold over other communication channels, and at this time, the IT companies across the globe were hit by recession. To survive in such economic situations, companies acted to be agile and nimble, instead of relying on massiveness. SaaS help desk gained a good shape in the year 2008 and the collision of social media with SaaS help desk created something awesome.

2010- Present
Social medial and smartphone features made the job of IT professionals less complicated and tiresome than the actual task. Companies started realizing the benefits of SaaS help desk and its cost-effectiveness, which lead to increase in demand of SaaS help desk services. At present, Customer support agents are addressing the service desk tickets bytakingcontrol of the customer’s desktops remotely. This avoided the chore of taking end users through complex processes ‘or’going to the place where the problem is.

Today, you can outsource IT support and help desktop functions to stay efficient, while freeing-up the extra time to focus on other important tasks of your company. The help desk services are expected to become even more efficient and reliable. The current trends given below will let you know how SaaS help desk solutions are affecting your business –

  • Help desk tickets are expected to get resolved at much faster rate than ever before
  • Help desk solutions will be moved to cloud and most of your devices will be supported
  • Customer support agents are going to solve most of the problems by accessing the systems remotely
  • Increase number of resources and self-service tools

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Future of SaaS Help desk

In future, SaaS help desk software will likely be the norm for all enterprises regardless of their size and requirements. You can have a highly flexible and powerful SaaS service desk and you don’t have to worry about the upgrades, as they are automatically applied. There is no doubt that the future of SaaS help desk is in cloud and you can reap the benefits by choosing the best Help Desk software.

Remember that your help desk provider will play an important role in making your business more efficient, regardless of the tools and technologies you choose. It is all about solving the technical issues faster in an efficient manner, and adding more value to your business.

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Megha JadhavPast, Present and Future of SaaS Help Desk Services
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