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Compare SaaS Service Desk and Traditional Service Desk

Providing great customer support and ensuring higher levels of customer satisfaction is the key to the growth and success of your organization.Top quality customer support is one of the important areas of business, and every

company wants to be flawless in customer support. According to a study, 8 out of 10 customers abandon a business due to poor customer support. If we see from the point-of-view of companies, customer support can be the most time consuming activities, if it is not handled properly. The way you provide customer support can have a great impact on your business.

Today, everyone in IT industry is thinking about how to get things done in a better and cheaper way. This is where SaaS help desk solutions take over traditional service desk. Many organizations are still hesitant to adopt SaaS service desk as a part of their customer service. Based on our experience, we can say that SaaS gets firmly established in IT help desk and will open new opportunities in improving communication and problem solving. The best SaaS solutions for IT help desk will surely provide significant savings and generate better Return-on-Investment (ROI).

Companies that were using SaaS help desk solutions are reporting significant savings compared to traditional help desk. Their reasons to move from tradition help desk to SaaS help desk include – scalability, great efficiency, reliability, low monthly subscription and automatic updates. But, you would be wondering how SaaS help desk solutions would change the reality in workplace, and what differences compelled companies to switch to SaaS service desk from traditional help desk.

Here is the comparison of traditional service desk and SaaS service desk based on different scenarios –

Reporting a problem

Customers usually call customer service agents to resolve their problem, when they face technical issues. In traditional service desk, the service desk agent will log the incident, and asks a few details about the computer and says that someone will have a look within 24 hours. The customer needs to wait until he/she get call from the technical support team.

On the contrary, the customer can use relevant mobile application to report the incident, in case of SaaS help desk. As soon as the customer reports, the SaaS help desk software logs the incident automatically and assigns to the agent available at that time with fewer issues in queue. The service desk technician contacts the customer a few moments later and asks to scan the bar-code of the computer to know which computer is faulty. This way SaaS help desk solutions enhance customer satisfaction by responding to the customer at the earliest.

Dealing with technical issues

When the customer calls traditional help desk for technical assistance, the customer need to explain the issue to the technician so that he/she can figure out what the problem is. This will eventually kill a significant amount of customer’s time, as the technician may/may not be able to understand the problem.

In case of SaaS help desk, the customer gets a message from the technician who has seen the help request on mobile app. If the technical issue is bigger than expected and taking much time to resolve, the customer can back up the files in the cloud, and work on other computer while waiting for the computer to be fixed.

How issues are resolved

When the customers report the problem, the traditional service desk technician may try to find and fix the issue by using past reports. Moreover, the traditional service desk technician may be juggling between multiple calls, putting the customer on hold. The customer has to wait until the agent comes back to assist him/her.

In case of SaaS help desk solutions, the technician can actually take control of the customer’s computer or laptop and fix the issue in minutes. The SaaS service desk agent can run the diagnostics remotely and resolve the technical issue successfully. The customer will find his/her computer working properly in minutes, without the need of calling multiple times.

The bottom line is SaaS help desk solutions work more efficiently, regardless of the scenario. Whether it is reporting a problem, dealing with the problem or fixing the problem, SaaS Help desk is far better than traditional help desk. SaaS help desk can log the incident instantly and assign it immediately to the best person available and get it fixed remotely in minutes.

If you want to avoid headaches like manual entries and minimize the effort of technicians to schlep over malfunctioning devices, you should switch to SaaS help desk from traditional help desk. It’s time to choose the best SaaS service desk and enjoy the benefits. Continue reading the past, present and future of SaaS help desk software.

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Megha JadhavCompare SaaS Service Desk and Traditional Service Desk
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